For work, play and everything in between these wold famous trucks and vans have all the features and have got you covered
The Biggest Car Company you’ve never heard of!

LDV is a division of SAIC, the biggest auto manufacturer in China and the 41st biggest company in the world. LDV (Leyland Daff Vehicles) history can be traced back to the 1890’s!

In 2016 SAIC manufactured over 6 million vehicles, and in 2015 was ranked 10th on Forbes magazines list of the largest auto companies in the world. LDV is one of Europe’s most recognised commercial vehicle brands and has been selected by the British government for use by the Royal Bank, Royal Mail and as travel vehicles for the British Royal family.

We know you will see the undeniably great value in our vehicles!

LDV SUVs and Utes come with a 5 year or 130,000 km warranty with 5 years of roadside assist.

All LDV Vans and People Movers come with a 3 year or 100,000 km warranty (whichever occurs first) and 3 years roadside assistance to keep your business on the road.

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Eats utes for breakfast

The legendary American truck, for when the job goes beyond the ordinary. From hauling your boat or trailer, to working your property or managing a business, these workhorses are designed to deliver across the board, day in and year out.

Uncompromising power trains. Ground breaking suspensions. Efficient yet unrelenting strength. Interiors with the design, diagnostics and connectivity to serve you with such comfort and information they serve as aspirational benchmarks for the rest of the class.

Our reliable legendary vehicles get the job done!

Ram - the Legendary American Truck is distributed in Australia by American Special Vehicles, the only authorised importer of Ram Trucks in Australia.

Our Trucks also come with the reassurance of 24/7 Roadside Assist for the term of the warranty.

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